Love and its Defamation

As I joined this hospital Aga Khan University, I used to travel by bus where I used to watch and stare girl who looked pretty and attractive for me. I tried to find her on every social account but she never met. Once when I was suffering the internet then her account was shown on Facebook where I found her and started talking to her. She was very kind at the beginning but later she started boring whenever she talked to me. Once she expressed her feeling before me that she is not interested in me. The turning point came when I shared her talking to her friend to confirm whether she is engaged or not. Her friend shared all conversation to her. When she was told then she got angry and shouted at me why I asked about her to her friend. After this incident, she closed every way where I could access to her. In the result, I had no other option to access her so I made fake  account to talk to her but I failed. Then I started to defame her with her picture on every forum where she and her friend could access. When her friend saw her posts and pictures then they informed her and she was defamed everywhere. She couldn’t go and do job due to defamation. Now I realised that whatever I did was wrong and should not have done like this. But the main concern is how to accept my mistake before her. Give me suggestions.


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