A common theme in YA novels this year

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Credit goes to gayleforman.com Credit goes to gayleforman.com

Although we’re not even a third of the way through 2015, I’ve still managed to find a theme in YA novels this year: suicide.

I just finished Gayle Forman’s new book called I Was Here, and it centered on Cody, who found out that her best friend, Meg, committed suicide. The plot of the book is Cody investigating what led to Meg’s suicide. Forman found the inspiration for Meg’s character while interviewing people for an article that she was writing years ago. The person in particular that inspired Meg was a 19 year-old girl named Suzy who also committed suicide.

What Suzy & Meg both had in common is that they both suffered from depression. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, studies have consistently suggested that the overwhelming majority of people who take their own lives—90 percent or more—had a mental disorder at…

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